In collaboration with David Haas: Rejoice and Be Glad: (Y)Ours is The Kingdom of God

So happy to be able to collaborate with an amazing artist such as David Haas on this new project: Rejoice and Be Glad: (Y)Ours is The Kingdom of God.

When “Blest are They” was first written it caught our attention with its lyrical writing and singability, then it challenged and invited us to live the Beatitudes with renewed Christ-centered fervor. In this new book David Haas explores Matthew’s version of the Beatitudes through the lens of music he and others have written; through texts of Pope Francis, and David’s own exploration of the Beatitudes in everyday living. Rejoice and Be Glad! The Kingdom of God is (Y)ours! The Kingdom of God is both yours and ours – it belongs to all of us: the poor, sorrow-filled, the lowly, the hungry, the homeless, the pure of heart, the peacemakers, you and me, all of us, the Children of God.

You can get your copy from Clear Faith Publishing on the following link:

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