There is nothing like a beautiful trip to ease your anxieties and restore your hope in humanity – and who doesn’t need that these days? Our trips are designed to do just that by bringing together at least three of my favorite interests: art, faith, and fun.
And there is an educational component as well: I begin each morning with a slide presentation of my paintings and stories to give you a historical and spiritual background to the days’ events. Artists and photographers of all levels are most welcome.
Most of my recent adventures have been organized by David Geen, founder of Villas and Vines Travel. We both like road trips that are a mix of education, spiritual pilgrimage, good food and drink, ample free time, and lots of fun. And most importantly: our groups are no bigger than 24 or so, to allow for easy friend-making.
Listed here, in addition to future plans, are our most recent trips. You should have been there!!!

Upcoming Trips

Past Trips