With this drawing I wish you blessings of the Lenten season. I hope you find plenty of time each day to go to your inner room and savor the peaceful presence of God.



This video is one of a set of seven, dealing with Catholic Social Teaching, and presented by the USCCB in conjunction with Catholic Relief Services.   The first was posted on YouTube on October 3, 2015, and the final video was posted October 6, 2017.  Topics include the life and dignity of the human person; care for creation; remembering the poor; our rights and responsibilities as members of God’s family; and labor and solidarity.   In each segment, Brother Mickey begins a drawing which relates to the topic, is shown working during the instruction, and completes the image by the conclusion of the presentation.

A short introduction to the DVD produced by Paraclete Press, in which Brother Mickey talks with kids about what it means to pray, and the importance of remembering that God is everywhere, always ready to listen when we talk to him. The video is divided into four sessions, simply explaining prayer itself; the why and how of prayer; and where we can pray.  The DVD is accompanied by a discussion guide for parents and teachers.

World Library Publications provides a small peek into the title Seat of Wisdom, which is one of the many titles of Mary presented in the book BLESSED ART THOU, illustrated by Brother Mickey, and including prayers by Richard N. Fragomeni.  In the video Brother Mickey presents an explanation of one of his images.  Mary is seated in a rocking chair, holding her son in her lap. It is so easy to make a connection with her, as we remember our own Mothers.  The book is inspired by the titles of Mary in the Litany of Loretto, and is filled with wonderful illustrations and prayers that surprise and enlighten us with a contemporary approach.

Brother Mickey’s invites us into his studio and allows him to explain in his own words, how he came to live and work in Camden, New Jersey, where he currently works and resides.   He talks about the beauty he sees in the people of his neighborhood; what inspires his work as an artist; and how God’s plan for him continues to unfold in the day to day sights and sounds of the city.

This is a two part series which contains the entire presentation, given by Brother Mickey at Boston College during the season of Lent.  Brother Mickey presents the saints in both words and images, which inform, inspire, and encourage us on our own spiritual journey.  Some of the saints are familiar to us, and others are less well known, but each points us in a direction that cannot help but lead to a deeper awareness of God’s presence in our lives.  His commentary is engaging, informative, and often humorous.  He opens ours eyes to the beauty of the lives of the saints, and the possibilities for growing in our own relationship with God.

Journey with the Saints of Lent, Part 1

Journey with the Saints of Lent, Part 2

Beauty heals…. This is a presentation about Brother Mickey, his art, and his ministry.  His colorful images underscore the presence of beauty everywhere, and how we can find it if we just look around us.  He creates images which touch the heart of the viewer, and spread joy, healing, and faith.  This is what he is about.