A Discovery of Artistic and Spiritual Treasures in Spain

Dear Pilgrims of Art and Faith,

David Geen, our wonderful travel planner, will be in touch with details, so he is the one to contact if you are interested in our 2020 Art and The Spirit Tour to Spain. (And don’t forget, we cap off our trips at twenty-four!)

As you know, we focus on places where the greatest art and architecture of all time meet up with religious faith and history – with great meals among new friends in between. Each morning begins with my giving a one-hour art presentation at the hotel to introduce us to the day’s discoveries. And we see it all: From Gothic cathedrals to sidewalk cafes; from cobblestone sidewalks to breathtaking scenery; from amazing artists to inspiring saints – we cover a lot of fascinating territory in a short time, but do so at a relaxed pace.

Here are some highlights that we can expect to see, and the reasons why we are going to this beautiful and historic region of Spain. Happy and Blessed New Year! Adios! Bro. Mickey


I love the Women Doctors of the Church, each of whom lived in times such as ours – full of distress, anxiety, and wickedness – but who brought a sassy reforming attitude which today seems more relevant than ever. On previous trips we have visited with Catherine in SIENA and Hildegard in BINGEN. Now it is time to hang out with TERESA in AVILA for a day. She is one of the truly towering figures in church history.


This city is a beautiful hill-town that boasts an ancient Roman aqueduct, a medieval castle, and the tomb of Teresa of Avila’s friend, fellow Carmelite mystic, and Doctor of the Church: St. John of the Cross.

For a few centuries in Spanish history, JEWS, MUSLIMS, and CHRISTIANS got along just fine – until, just like today, fear of “the other” took over people’s hearts. We will look at the Art of Reforming spirit.


Spain boasts some of the greatest artists in all of history – from El Greco to Picasso, which we will see, but I love the ordinary beauty of cafes and shops and people simply loving life even more.

And don’t forget the tapas and wine!

Peace and Blessings, Bro. Mickey

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Bro. Mickey McGrath
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