St. Francis de Sales Prayer Cards


Celebration Prayer Starters

The year 2022 gives us two special occasions to honor and celebrate the lives of our patrons and founders: the 400th Anniversary of the Death of St. Francis De Sales (1567-1622) and the 450th anniversary of the Birth of St. Jane de Chantal (1572- 1641).

A true community effort and labor of love has produced this set of Prayer Starters, which includes thoughts and quotes from the writings of these two great saints.  On the reverse side of each card you will find short prayer reflections contributed by a wide variety of guest contributors, including single lay persons, religious nuns, brothers, and priests, each of whom loves the timeless and practical Spirituality of St. Francis and St. Jane.

We hope you can ponder these thoughts in your heart with that first cup of coffee in the morning, or when relaxing after a long day of work! 

St. Francis de Sales Prayer Cards

Bro. Mickey McGrath
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